Standard Editing

We will check your manuscript for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

(Prices start @£5.00 per 1,000 words)

Enhanced Editing

We will also take your manuscript through a comprehensive check for structure, logical ordering of chapters/sub-sections, style, length, consistency and readability.

(Prices start @£10.00 per 1,000 words)


Once your manuscript is ready, we will prepare it for publication, creating a print-ready digital file that we can send to our printer, or that you can arrange to have printed yourself.

(Prices start @£25.00 per hour)

Kindle/E-Book Production

We will encode your completed text so that it displays correctly on Kindle devices

We will create a Kindle file that we can upload directly to Amazon’s Kindle Store.  Alternatively, we can provide you with your book in .mobi, .AZW3, .epub .html or .pdf formats

We will also create a cover for your e-book adapted from your paperback book cover.

(Prices start @£25.00 per hour)


We can create and publish books with partial/full colour interiors.  However, due to the very high cost of colour printing we do not offer this as part of our standard packages.

If you want us to publish your colour paperback book, our price will depend upon the book dimensions and page length.

We can include colour images in Kindle books at no additional cost.  However, you should be aware that colour images may not display on older Kindle Readers.

Updated Editions

If you published your first edition with us, we can amend/update the Kindle version of your book at any time.

We can only make changes to your paperback if we republish as a second edition, which will require a new ISBN.  For this reason, we strongly suggest waiting until you wish to make substantive changes such as adding or rewriting chapters.

(Prices start @£25.00 per hour)