Everyone has a story to tell or a subject they can explain. What’s yours?

Until now, most potential authors have simply not bothered to try to publish their work because the costs have been prohibitive, because traditional publishers don’t want to know, and because marketing and distribution are too labour intensive. This is changing as we speak.

Waye Forward has published a range of books. Now we would like to help you to publish yours.

If you have a finished work that you are happy with, why not let us publish it for you.

And if you haven’t finished your book yet, check out our editing/design services. Or, if you would prefer to self-publish get a copy of our book – From Blank Page to Bookshelf.

For a single fee of £495* we offer a comprehensive package to turn your manuscript into a paperback and Kindle e-book:

  • Standard editing
  • Professional formatting
  • Kindle book production
  • A choice of cover designs
  • ISBN number
  • Distribution via Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, and Amazon.eu
  • Provision of 5 complimentary copies of your book.

* It may be possible for this fee to be deducted from your royalties, so that you avoid paying an up-front fee.  Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this option.